Committee Reports of the 67th Session

Attached below are the committee reports for the 64th Session.  The most current committee reports may be posted on the home page during the week of a Student Senate meeting.  To access individual committee pages, please view the Committees Page on the Student Senate website, which includes links to the committee's individual pages.  For a schedule of upcoming committee meetings, please see either the 64th Session Calendar or the committee calendars located on each of the individual committee's pages.  

For committee reports from previous sessions of the Student Senate, please view the Archives of the Senate.

Committee Reports - 09.07.2011.pdf72.98 KB
Committee Reports - 09.21.2011.pdf54.39 KB
Committee Reports - 10.05.2011.pdf29.41 KB
Committee Reports - 10.19.2011.pdf71.46 KB
Committee Reports - 11.02.2011.pdf24.18 KB
Committee Reports - 11.16.2011.pdf91.14 KB
Committee Reports - 11.30.2011.pdf76.5 KB
Academic Affairs Committee Report 6.docx27.31 KB
Academic Affairs Committee Report 7.docx25.48 KB
Committee Reports 2.22.docx96.88 KB
RR Committee Report 2.5.12.docx18.53 KB
Committee Reports 3_7.docx97.53 KB
Committee_Reports_3_28.docx137.02 KB

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