S.B. 65-70 (VETOED) "The Religious Funding Exemption Bill" - Comments, Voting Record, Video, Veto Letter

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A complete copy, as passed, of Senate Bill 65-70 is attached below. Feel free to Contact your Student Senator to further discuss this bill and address any questions or concerns you have. By clicking HERE, you will be taken to a list of all all the senators and their contact information.
There was also a transcription error made during the meeting, but after an official review of the meeting, it has been corrected. The official vote count is of 35 for, 28 against and one abstention. The voting record is attached below.
By submitting responses below, your comments will be made available to all student senators prior to the start of the next senate meeting.
Here is the recording of the Senate Meeting on 4/3/13. Due to the complications we had with UStream at the start of the meeting, a portion of Open Forum is not included. http://www.anymeeting.com/WebConference-beta/RecordingDefault.aspx?c_psrid=ED56D9868547
As of 4/5/13, Student Body President John Claybrook has VETOED Senate Bill 65-70. His letter announcing the veto is attached below. A joint-statement by Speaker of the Student Senate, Scott Bowen and Student Body President, John Claybrook has also been released expressing the interest of all students as priority. It is also below.
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S.B. 65-70 voting record.pdf86.48 KB
[Final] S.B. 65-70 The Religious Funding Exemption Bill.pdf197.08 KB
claybrook press release FINAL image.pdf337.3 KB
65-70 Joint Statement.PDF33.34 KB

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