Current Legislation

Passed Legislation for the 69th Session of Student Senate:

S.B. 69-17 The Above Reproach 

S.B. 69-18 Censorship Amendment Act - Special Designation: By-Law Act

S.B. 69-03 MSC Hand Sanitizer Bill 

S.B. 69-06 Green Dot Bill 

Governance Council Bill - Special Designation: Senate By-Law Bill

S.B. 69-12 Confirmation Process Bill Proposed Amendments 

S.B. 69-08 Elected Senator Rights 

S.B. 69-16 The Legislation Improvement Act

S.B. 69-15 Tax-free Textbooks 

S.B. 69-10 Establishment of Course End Date Bill 

S.B. 69-09 Open Access Labs Print Balance Rollover Bill 

S.B. 69-11 Towing Regulations Clarification Bill 

S.B. 69-14 The Good Samaritan Overdose Prevention Bill

S.B. 69-08 FY 17' SGA Finance Allocation Bill 

Thank You Chartwells Resolution 

Gig The Vote Resolution 

S.R. 69-03 Police brutality is not an Aggie core value. 



Agenda for the 69th Session of Student Senate:

November 2nd: Agenda and Minutes

October 19th: Agenda and Minutes

October 5th: Agenda and Minutes  

September 21st: Agenda and Minutes

September 7th: Agenda and Minutes

May 2nd: Agenda and Minutes

April 27th: Agenda and Minutes

April 13th: Agenda and Minutes  

Previous legislation from the 68th Session of Student Senate:

S.B. 68-01 Officer Election Efficency Bylaw Bill

S.B. 68-02 The Enabling Student Philanthropies Bill

S.B. 68-03 The Preparations Days Bill

S.B. 68-04 The Career Closet Establishment Act

S.B. 68-05 The Grandfather Bill

S.B. 68-07 The 2015-2016 SGA Appropriations Bill

S.B. 68-08 Code Tune-Up Act

S.B. 68-09 Election Regulation Reform Act

S.B. 68-10 Open Education Materials Award Establishment Act

S.B. 68-11 The Judicial Accountability Constitutional Amendment

S.B. 68-13 Constituency Affairs Improvement Bill

S.B. 68-14 SGA Tuition Stance Bill

S.B. 68-15 The Spirit of Aggieland Bill

S.B. 68-16 The Chrome Universalization Bill

S.B. 68-17 Responsible Student Population Growth Bill

S.B. 68-19 Judicial Court Justice Confirmation Process Bill

S.B. 68-20 The Advisor Fee Referendum Bill

S.B. 68-21 Distinguished Student Recognition Change Bill

S.B. 68-22 Campus Sidewalk Bill

S.B. 68-23 Protect Our Ags

S.B. 68-25 The Off-Campus Crosswalk Bill

S.B. 68-28 The Sexual Assault and Harassment Victims Protection Bill

S.B. 68-30 Course Drop Rules Compliance Bill

S.B. 68-31 Establishment of Course End Date Bill

S.B. 68-32 Flipped Classroom Improvement Bill

S.B. 68-33 The Kyle Field Plaza Free Use Bill

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