SB 63-11 In-State Tuition Bill

Justin Pulliam
Steven Crumpley
Alison Landry
Ryan LaMarche
Marc Pitts, student
Jason Roberts, student
Charles Pyryt, student
Josh Measles, student
Kevin Kapka, student
Rahul Sawhney, student
Austen Kidwell, student
Tyler Conchewski, student
Bryson A. Sutterfield, student
Garrett Cline, student
Colin Henion, student
Josh Bennett, student
Tylan Higley, student
Michael H. Ghutzman, student
Shelton Smitherman, student
Cassandra Beatty, student
Jacob C. Palmer, student
Brian Curtis, student
Jesse Huth, student
Jason Sheffield, student
Aaron Barnes, student
Caroline Brittain, student
Rachel Taylor, student
Rocio Montejano, student
Stephen Dean, student
Calvin Easley, student
Jordan Blake, student
Andrea Skill, student
Kimberly Bernsen, student
Joey Dunn, student
Michael Coiro, student
Elizabeth Woodruff, student
Katherine Ratcliff, student
Mary Hesse, student
Shelby Olive, student
Jack Loftin, student
Lindsay Clark, student
John Landes
Chris Russo
Greg McDuffie
Scott Bowen
Jacob Johnson
A bill to clarify what demographics receive in-state tuition and oppose measures to give instate tuition to persons residing in the United States illegally.
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S.B. 63-11 In-State Tuition Bill.pdf242.25 KB

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